Why Choose Wide Plank Timber Flooring?

4 Dec 2019

The clever use of wide planks can deliver a subtle but significant impact on the whole feel of a space. There's a number of reasons why you might choose a wide plank design for your new floor, some of which we've listed for you below. 

Wide Planks emphasise and accentuate large spaces

Used in large spaces, wide planks accentuate the space with a feeling of grandeur, often seen in contemporary design. This is particularly beneficial for entryways, both residential and commercial, such as in hotels.

Wide planks can make a smaller space appear larger

When used in smaller spaces, the clever use of a wide plank can make a smaller space appear larger. Using wide planks in a smaller space means there are less joins visible compared to with narrow planks. In a small space, these joins can subconsciously give a cramped or busy feel to a room. Wider planks can give the room a smoother, calmer effect.

Installation is faster, reducing time and cost

Opting for wider planks for your project can mean that the installation process is faster, leading to lower installation time and cost to complete the project. If you're working on a commercial renovation with tight business deadlines or you're a homeowner eager to minimise disruption, wide planks may save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Engineered wide planks are future proof

The quality engineered construction of Havwoods wide planks means that they are much less susceptible to cupping and bowing from moisture damage than traditional solid wood wide planks.

The beauty of nature, indoors

Wide plank hardwood uses a larger section of the wood for each plank. This means that you will see more of the natural characteristics of the wood per plank than with narrower boards. If you love the unique natural beauty of timber knots, grains, patterns and colour variants like we do, then wide planks may be the way to go for your next project!

Excited? Wide planks might be just what you are looking for

Wide planks may be just what you are looking for in your next or current project. But, these are just some of the benefits wide plank flooring offers a space.

To learn more, view our range of wide plank products here. You can request a sample of any products you feel might match your design concept, or visit a Havwoods flooring showroom in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne today.