World Wood Day 2022

16 Mar 2022

World Wood Day is an annual cultural event that celebrates the importance of wood as an eco-friendly and renewable natural material. The official day is held on March 21 with the theme for World Wood Day 2022 being “Trees for Good” focusing on topics such as sustainability. We reflect on the Havwoods sustainable product range to continue to build awareness in this space.

Eco-Friendly Certifications

Attitudes towards sustainability and eco-friendly building materials, including flooring are changing and more often our clients are now looking for an option that supports their beliefs and intentions.

There are a selection of eco-labelling certification schemes trusted worldwide that provide valuable confidence when specifying or selecting a sustainable option. Certifications that Havwoods subscribe and strive for include:

  • FSC certified (C009500)
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified SILVER 

Sustainable Wood Flooring Range

Havwoods offer the largest range of independently certified sustainable engineered wood flooring. Furthermore, all our products adhere to strict conditions as to the origin and sustainability of any timber which bears our name. 

The appreciation of nature is inherent for many and extending the world's beautiful natural woods into the interiors of our spaces is something Australian’s have been doing for centuries. World Wood Day recognises the importance of wood in our world and the varied ways in which we use it. Ensuring a sustainable approach to this and building understanding in this area can assist in combating global climate change and ensure a wider adoption of sustainable forestry.