Free Timber Flooring Pre-Install Checklist

Preparation is Key For Correct Timber Flooring Installation

There are numerous considerations to be made before purchasing or installing a timber floor that can affect budget, product suitability, project timelines, and even the longevity of the timber floor after installation.

So to help with remembering many of the required the elements to consider, and to assist you in making an informed product choice, we’ve put together a free timber flooring installation checklist for you to download.

Use it for your own projects or pass it on to your clients to collect all the information you need from them to help them get the floor they desire and the best installation outcome for you and your clients.

Meet our Havwoods Head of Technical and Installation

Let us introduce to you, Tony Trajkovski, our Head of Technical and Installation at a Havwoods, here to assist with installation queries and ensure optimal performance of our Havwoods' timber floors through correct installation.

Tony offers a wealth of product and installation knowledge and experience for both our installers and clients to pull from and he has been providing guidance and support where required including before, during and after timber flooring installation. We are thrilled and excited to be able to offer Tony's assistance and expertise to you.

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