Trekker Composite Decking

Composite decking and cladding boards now on CLEARANCE. These sustainably certified boards are made in Europe in a state-of-the-art, environmentally aware facility which is run by solar energy and where they use stored rainwater for cooling during the manufacturing process. The boards are of solid construction, are made entirely from recycled wood and plastics, and are themselves fully recyclable.

What is composite timber decking?

Composite decking is available in many flooring materials, but timber composite decks are the most popular choice on the Australian market.

A composite deck is laid with planks constructed from recycled wood fibre and virgin polymer. Virgin polymer is a plastic combined with the wood fibres to form a composite plank, so named because it is formed from multiple materials.

The result is a denser, harder and heavier product than if the plank was wood alone. With no health and safety issues, this makes it ideally suited to use in commercial and public areas as well for private decks.

What are the advantages of choosing composite decking?

Composite decking offers a range of advantages for commercial and residential use, including:

  • No splintering: The composite does not splinter, because algae can’t grow on virgin polymer.
  • Anti-slip: The material is anti-slip even if wet or used in spaces exposed to moisture.
  • Low Maintenance: Composite decks are virtually maintenance free, and do not rot or warp.
  • UV resistance treatment: The planks are UV treated for fade resistance so, although it will mellow slightly once installed, the colour will stabilise. Scratches may be lightly sanded and the colour will rapidly blend into the remaining deck or cladding.
  • Eco-friendly: Because the composite is made from recycled wood and polymer, the product is completely recyclable.
  • Aesthetics and Durability: Your space will benefit from the strength of polymer and the natural warm aesthetic of recycled wood fibres. 

Why choose Havwoods’ range of Trekker Composite Decking?

The Havwoods range of Trekker Composite Decking has been designed to bring Australian customers the highest quality composite decks on the market. Our design has been informed by over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, which means when specify or buy our Trekker Decking, you enjoy:

  • European manufacturing: Our Trekker Composite Decking planks are produced using reputable European timber mills and polymer suppliers.
  • Hassle free installation: Trekker Composite Decking is incredibly easy to install using 25 fixing clips per square metre which are supplied free of charge. The profile design of Trekker Decking boasts a unique “stopgap” concept so there is no need to worry about losing valuables down through your decking gaps!
  • Delivery Australia-wide: We’ll deliver your composite deck planks to any safe and accessible Australian address, Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Warranty: We offer a 15 year warranty on our entire Trekking Composite Decking range.
  • Sample your deck before buying: Want to see how one of our Trekker decking products looks in your space before buying? Our entire range of Trekker Composite Decks are available for order as a free sample. You can also visit a Havwoods flooring showroom in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne to learn more about the range.

Still not convinced that Trekker Composite Decks are what you need for your renovation project? Here we’ve answered some of the questions you might have to help you make your decision. 

Is Trekker Composite Decking an Eco-friendly product?

Made in Europe in an environmentally aware facility, from recycled wood fibre and virgin polymer, Trekker composite decking is FSC® certified (C009500). This ensures materials have been responsibly sourced from replenishable forests, that the local wildlife are protected, and the workers and communities benefit from fair trade.

How long do composite decks last?

Because a composite deck isn’t made from pure wood, it can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, an average lifespan of 10 years longer than a traditional timber deck. 

Does composite decking sag?

While composite decks don’t warp, they may sag if installed with improper spacing between the joists. We provide all our customers with installation instructions to prevent accidental errors during installation that may lead to sagging. 

Can you install composite decking over existing decks?

Unfortunately, it is best not to install composite decks over existing boards for a number of reasons:

  • Floor height: Installing new decking over existing boards raises the floor height and may imbalance your space.
  • Unstable foundations: The existing decking may not be able to handle the additional weight, depending upon its age and condition.
  • Moisture seepage: While composite decking won’t rot, this doesn’t prevent water seeping through and rotting the old deck. 

We are now offering virtual showroom appointments

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