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TrikBrik Brick and Stone Cladding

With over 1,000 timber products in the Havwoods portfolio our passion for wood is indisputable, but occasionally we find a non-wood product which excites us enough to feature it. TrikBrik is one such product. Looking to build a visually stunning brick wall, but without a bricklayer? If you'd like to create something truly special, this is the product to bring it to life with.

We offer Virtual Showroom Appointments. 

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What is TrikBrik cladding?

Contemporary design is all about textures, so brick and stone now feature strongly in interiors. The downside is that they are often heavy, messy to fit and require a specialised skilled labour force.

TrikBrik is completely different: designed as a metre-square interlocking cladding panel system that demands attention, it comes complete with mastic and paints to hide the joinery. With the TrikBrik cladding system you can achieve authentic-looking brick and stone walls quickly and effortlessly, that can be assembled by anyone!

Specifiers, designers and consumers alike can expect the following from a TrikBrik product:

  • Durability: TrikBrik is a uniquely patented manufacturing system that is the result of no less than 30 years of research. TriBrik is water-repellent and non-permeable, so will not be affected by humidity; nor will it fade in the sun.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: The panels are easily cut to size, requiring no special tools, and can be treated with anti-graffiti formula if required. Furthermore, they can be repainted with a polyester resin paint; so when your wall starts to pall in red, you can always paint it purple. ​
  • Aesthetic appeal: TrikBrik gives you an eye-catching, textured wall that has the power to transform the aesthetic of a room. With a gorgeous array of colours to choose from, this cladding panel system will give you a stunning brick aesthetic you will love, without the need for real brick. 

An exceptionally light, yet durable construction

Our TrikBrik is made from high density polyurethane, polyester resin and crushed marble stone that gives a faux brick and stone look. It is an exceptionally light yet durable, highly realistic panel, with outstanding thermal, acoustic and flame-retardant properties. 

Designed to imitate exposed masonry and traditional brick lay

TrikBrik is designed to imitate exposed masonry and traditional brick lay. Bricks have been in use for thousands of years, dating back to the mud brick structures of the Egyptian and Near Eastern civilizations.

Red brick lay as we know it was introduced by the Romans, who used white or red clay, rather than mud, to produce bricks. The Roman manufacturing process was innovative, as the red or white bricks were fired in mobile kilns. This allowed brickmaking to spread across the Roman provinces in Europe, where they remained in use through to present day.

It is this classic design, which is also ironically so popular in rustic, urban and contemporary concepts, that makes Trik Brik one of our most popular products. 

Brick and stone cladding in a variety of colours for walls, columns and vertical features

Transform your home or business with brick or stone cladding in any of the following colours:


Why choose TrikBrik for your home or business?

Our commitment to service and quality has led to us becoming the leading timber flooring suppliers on the Australian market. The Havwoods difference is:

  • Easy payment terms: We offer an interest-free payment process with flexible payment methods.
  • Delivery-Australia wide: We deliver Australia-wide between the hours of 8am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. We also offer pick-up services at our National distribution facility in Rutherford, NSW if this is more convenient for you.
  • Sustainability matters: We source our timber from environmentally responsible mills because they are the most intensively managed in the world. By choosing timber, you are choosing the environment.
  • A personalised experience: Every step of the way, you’ll be treated to the famous Havwoods service, hospitality and expertise, personalised to your individual needs and specifications. 

TrikBrik is a cladding solution that delivers stunning textured walls for homes and businesses

Four Frogs Creperie, a uniquely extraordinary French restaurant, needed a cladding solution to recreate the artistry of Parisian architecture. TrikBrik was their answer. 


Visit a Havwoods Showroom, or book a virtual appointment today!

Visit a Havwoods showroom today for a personalised consultation and to view your favourite products in person.

Our showrooms are located in the following Australian cities:

In response to COVID-19, we have implemented a number of measures in our flooring showrooms to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We’re also offering virtual showroom appointments for customers who would prefer to visit us from home. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team for help with choosing your new brick or stone cladding.