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Different species of timber exhibit varying characteristics that can influence your choice of wood flooring or cladding and should be taken into consideration to ensure that your selected timber species meets your aesthetic, functional, and practical needs.

Characteristics such as colour and grain pattern, sustainability, durability, maintenance and budget, or even matching with your existing decor, can play a part in helping you make a decision on which timber species to select. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a timber flooring species that aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and the specific requirements of your space.

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Oak flooring typically displays a noticeable grain pattern accompanied by light to medium brown tones. Its texture is smooth, adorned with occasional knots and burls, contributing to a traditional, classic aesthetic. Common features like sapwood further enhance the species' character.

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Douglas Fir flooring commonly features a straight grain pattern, showcasing hues ranging from yellow to reddish-brown. Its distinctive appearance is marked by resin-filled pockets, imparting an unmistakable charm. In more rustic grades, dense resinous knots further contribute to its vivid character.

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Walnut timber typically has a straight, open grain pattern with a rich, dark brown colour which mellows over time. It has a smooth texture with occasional knots and figuring that give it a luxurious, sophisticated look.

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Maple timber exhibits a close-knit grain pattern in a pale, creamy hue. Maple's texture is smooth and fine, complemented by occasional burls and figuring that enhance its character.

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Ash timber typically showcases a straightforward, distinctive grain pattern characterised by light to medium brown tones. The texture is smooth, occasionally featuring knots and burls. Notably, there's a clear demarcation between the inner heartwood and the outer sapwood, adding to its visual appeal.

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Pine timber boasts a unique, knotty aesthetic accompanied by a warm, honey-coloured tone. With a soft texture and a rustic, country-style charm, it's an excellent choice for crafting inviting feature walls or ceilings that exude warmth and character.

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