Villa Stella: An opulent oasis in the heart of wine country

Project - Villa Stella

Location - Cedars Mount View, Hunter Valley, NSW

Product Used - HW6206 Ryde

Designer - Juliana L Martin Interiors

Architect - Alexander Symes

Builder - Lance Murray

Installer - Shane Jones - Great Southern Flooring 

Photographer - Alexander McIntyre

Villa Stella, the epitome of elegance, emerged from a collaborative project involving Juliana L Martin Interiors, architect Alexander Symes, and their visionary clients Christelle and Gilbert. The objective was to elevate the offerings in the Hunter Valley, solidifying Cedars Mount View as a unique and luxurious villa. Within this villa, each detail has been painstakingly crafted to provide a complete escape from the outside world. It's passive house design and accessibility contribute to the villa's unique appeal. Read more about this truly stunning project.

Amidst the natural splendour of the Hunter Valley, is where you’ll find the tranquil Villa Stella. Set on a 38-hectare property, Villa Stella is one of five private retreats at Cedars Mount View - a luxury accommodation surrounded by picturesque views of the mountains.

A collaborative project between Juliana L Martin Interiors, architect Alexander Symes, and their visionary clients Christelle and Gilbert; Villa Stella is the epitome of elegance. With a high-level objective of elevating the accommodation offerings in the Hunter Valley, the space is meticulously crafted with considered details to treat guests to the ultimate, luxurious stay.

The interior design is simply impeccable. Warm timber, opulent stone, and airy linen, offer a contemporary sanctuary for guests escaping the outside world. This ambiance extends to the bedroom, where an expansive skylight positioned above the bed opens the ceilings to the ever-changing skies.

The strategic use of passive design principles, including double-glazed windows, renewable energy sources, and thoughtful accessibility features, positions Villa Stella as an exemplar of eco-conscious luxury.

The choice of Havwoods flooring was critical to meet both aesthetic and functional considerations. Ryde Plank European Oak from the Havwoods V Collection was selected for its natural, rustic characteristics that seamlessly blended the interiors into the surrounding treescape.

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Villa Stella encapsulates a harmonious union of design, luxury, and sustainability. Its story is one of collaboration and purpose, where each element resonates to offer guests an extraordinary haven within the heart of the Hunter Valley's captivating beauty.


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