Pillow Talk Head Office

Project - Pillow Talk Head Office

Location - Brisbane, QLD

Product Used - HW3674 Blanco 13

Designer - Cottee Parker

Architect - Cottee Parker

Builder - Hutchinson Builders

Pillow Talk, a premier homewares retailer, partnered with Cottee Parker and Hutchinson Builders to create a 22,415m² mixed-use complex. This unified hub features high-quality public spaces, including boardrooms and reception areas. Notable design considerations includes the stunning foundation of Havwoods' sustainable Blanco 13 timber flooring, blending seamlessly with polished concrete for a harmonious workspace.

Pillow Talk, a top homewares retailer, aimed to create a centralised hub for their operations. Cottee Parker and Hutchinson Builders stepped in to realise this vision. Covering 22,415m², this mixed-use complex flawlessly integrates office spaces, studio facilities, and a distribution warehouse.

The client’s brief demanded front-of-house public spaces to exude quality and excellence. These areas, including key boardrooms, reception, and waiting areas, form clients' first impressions of the Pillow Talk brand.

The open floor plan posed a challenge for conventional timber floors, given expansion and contraction needs. Havwoods Blanco 13 from the Venture Plank collection, with its engineered design, was the ideal solution.

A remarkable example of craftsmanship is seen in the soffit lining of the internal staircases, installed with a spider crane due to its complexity. The underside showcases the platinum tones of Blanco 13, chosen for its sustainability certification and perfect complement to adjacent finishes.

The harmony between bespoke finishes such as polished concrete, timber flooring, and various joinery elements has resulted in a space where functionality meets finesse, with every detail enhancing a harmonious and productive workspace.