The Caves Palms Residence, NSW

Project - The Caves Palms Residence, NSW

Location - Caves Beach, NSW

Product Used - HW3573 Ryde Herringbone

Designer - Jodie & Phil Dunn

Photographer - Brittany Millen

Owners Jodie and Phil Dunn designed and built this stunning modern coastal  home with the aim of creating a space that felt like a "holiday at home" and was light, calming and timeless in its aesthetic styling.

Discover how this beautiful home design came about and how Havwoods HW3573 Ryde Herringbone was used to add a little lux to a modern minimalist design.

Product Used: HW3573 Ryde Herringbone

Jodie and Phil had very clear intentions for what was to be their forever home in Caves Beach, NSW. Located within beautiful coastal scenery, the desire was to reflect a modern minimalist coastal vibe throughout the home using organic, natural materials and textures in light, neutral and sandy tones that would not easily date.

In order for the home to feel like a holiday year-round, low maintenance products that would be durable in a coastal environment were prioritised.

Havwoods HW3573 Ryde Herringbone was selected after a successful visit to the Newcastle showroom:

"We didn't go anywhere else after our visit with Kari! Our experience was very personalised and we left extremely confident with both the product and the service. A+++!"

- Jodie Dunn

Being a natural and organic material, timber was an obvious choice for the flooring throughout the home. Drawn to Havwoods by the plethora of choice in colours, styles, sizes and finishes on offer in the form of durable engineered timber, Ryde herringbone was selected for it's beautiful natural hue, durable matt lacquered finish and a cost effective price-point.

Opting for a traditional yet truly timeless herringbone timber floor allowed them the play with a more complex pattern without disrupting the minimalist theme of the interior design but rather complimenting it beautifully.

“Going with herringbone was perfect for keeping a minimalist feel in the other areas of our home. It is timeless and won’t date. It’s the star of the show!”

- Jodie Dunn

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