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21st Century Sustainability - Sidewalk Toronto

7 Oct 2019

A sustainable place with safer streets. More breathable air. More walkable sidewalks. A place where people are more engaged with their world than with their phones. A place that's both inspiring and affordable. A place that's welcoming for artists and entrepreneurs, for the creative class and the working class. A place where, quite simply, everyone who wishes to call it home, can. 

All of the buildings in Quayside are planned to be built with sustainable mass timber through a modular, factory-based construction process. This approach would help catalyse an Ontario based industry focused on sustainable construction and building technologies. Flexible Loft spaces are designed to accommodate a mix of residential and non-residential uses that can evolve to meet the neighbourhoods changing needs, 

The Quayside plan would result in a low-carbon resilient neighbourhood with a significant number of environmental innovations, including sustainable building materials and designs. an advanced power grid for electricity, a clean thermal grid for heating and cooling, a smart disposal chain designed to increase recycling and active storm water management.

Quayside's innovative approach to buildings and housing would create a neighbourhood that is more inclusive and responsive to community needs. The plan calls for mass timber buildings that are just as strong and fire-resistant as steel or concrete but dramatically more sustainable. Mass timber parts would be produced in an Ontario-based factory, accelerating project timelines by up to 35 percent without compromising safety or design excellence. An ambitious affordability program targets 40 percent of units for below-market housing. 

Flexible wall systems and efficient unit designs help to create a range of options for families, single-person households, the elderly and other groups currently hoping to live downtown. Quayside would feature a set of efficient and ultra-efficient units that reduce size to enable affordability while remaining liveable through thoughtful design features, such as space-saving furniture, shared building amenities and access to off-site storage space with on-demand delivery. Quayside's plan would create a nearly carbon neutral neighbourhood that cuts greenhouse gases by 85 percent from the city average.