Can You Put An Outdoor Rug On Composite Decking?

20 May 2023

Everyone loves the splendour of a space that features a vibrant and sprawling rug. Exteriors, like deckings, are no exception. An outdoor rug can be the difference between a cosy retreat and a space that feels cold and uninviting.

If your space features a composite deck, you’ll probably be wondering if you should be placing an outdoor rug over your decking. While composite decking is known for its durability, not every outdoor rug is suitable clothing for your composite deck space. So we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right rug for your composite deck. 

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Why use an outdoor rug in your deck space?

Outdoor rugs have many design benefits. The first is that they pull your space together into a cohesive design that’s both welcoming and comforting. The additional splash of colour and texture are a visual cue as to the design concept within the space, and put simply, a rug can help bring a deck to life.

Practicality is another reason to use an outdoor rug in your deck space. Rugs shelter your composite deck from dirt and grime in areas that will see frequent traffic. When placed strategically, an outdoor rug will also protect your decking from scratches and scraping by furniture legs.

Many of these same rules apply when using rugs indoors on hardwood flooring. Read about using rugs on indoor hardwood flooring here.

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How durable is composite decking?

Composite timber decks are made from recycled timber fibres and polymer, a synthetic compound bonded together in repetitious molecular chains. This structure produces a deck that is strong and durable, with the warm aesthetic of traditional timber decking.

If you think about what can corrode a timber deck, it’s easy to see that composite decking is a highly durable option for your exterior space. Composite decking is:

  • Rot resistant
  • Anti-splinter
  • Warp resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • UV treated for fade resistance

This means a composite deck is more than up to the task of enduring friction from most outdoor rugs. 

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What types of outdoor rugs can damage a composite deck?

While we would recommend using an outdoor rug in a space with a composite deck, not all rugs were created equally for the task.

Some outdoor rugs are backed with materials that can harm a composite deck. The wrong choice could lead to staining, scratching and discolouration.

Avoid using outdoor rugs backed with latex or rubber, or fixed with metal grommets and accents. These may scuff your composite decking, or rust and cause discolouration. 

What types of outdoor rugs are safe to put on composite decking?

Instead you should choose rugs that are made from traditionally woven polypropylene, or recycled plastic mats with a soft backing. These won’t scuff or scratch your decking, or absorb moisture, avoiding mould and mildew which can build up beneath wet rugs.

No matter which rug you choose, we recommend waiting at least three months after installing your composite decking to allow for natural discolouration to occur evenly across the planks. Placing a rug over the wood too soon will create an uneven colour tone on your deck. 

Yes, an outdoor rug can be put on composite decking

Outdoor rugs add so much aesthetic value to a deck space. Be mindful of the materials your rug is made from before making your choice, and enjoy all that a decked out composite deck can offer you and your home.

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