Exploring Products by Application: Unleashing the Versatility of Havwoods' Engineered Timber

13 Jun 2024

With intuitive website navigation and easy-to-understand symbols, finding the right product for your project is simpler than ever. Discover the versatility of Havwoods' engineered timber beyond flooring. Find products that are perfect for walls, ceilings, and cabinetry using our new symbols. Explore our innovative solutions and unlock endless design possibilities today.

Unleashing Potential: Havwoods' Timber for Floors, Walls, Ceilings, and Cabinetry

When it comes to engineered timber, Havwoods stands out not only for its extensive range of flooring options but also for its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. Yet, did you know that many of our products are designed for use beyond the floor? Indeed, we offer a vast array of products specifically crafted for applications on walls, ceilings, and cabinetry.

To assist our clients in navigating this versatile selection, Havwoods has introduced a set of symbols indicating the suitable applications for each product range. This blog will guide you through these features and help you make the most of our innovative offerings.

From Wood Book to Website: A Seamless Discovery Experience

Finding the perfect Havwoods product for your specific application has never been easier. Our website now features intuitive navigation options that streamline your search. From the homepage, simply scroll down, or head directly to the 'Our Products' menu, where you can select the application you're interested in. This user-friendly feature simplifies the exploration of our diverse product range.

Introducing Symbols for Easy Identification

To enhance the selection process and ensure our clients can easily find the most suitable products for their projects, Havwoods has implemented a clear and easy-to-understand symbol system.


This icon signifies products ideal for flooring applications, tested for durability and wear underfoot.

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Identifying products suitable for vertical surfaces, this symbol indicates products that are perfect for creating dramatic accents with feature walls or a seamless flow from floors to walls.

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Representing products fit for ceiling use, this icon highlights options that can make a striking impact on any design.

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This symbol helps to find timber specifically designed for use in cabinetry, offering the necessary specifications to handle the unique demands of this type of construction.

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Explore Endless Possibilities with Havwoods

Many of our product collections boast multiple symbols, showcasing their adaptability for various applications. Look for these symbols throughout the Wood Book and on our website to fully appreciate the versatility of our offerings.

By leveraging these symbols and our enhanced website features, you can effortlessly navigate Havwoods' vast selection and find the perfect engineered timber products for your project, whether it’s for floors, walls, ceilings, or cabinetry. Explore our innovative solutions today and discover the endless possibilities with Havwoods.

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