11 Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Area Into a Summer Entertaining Haven

15 Feb 2021

We’ve been spending a lot more time at home these days and it’s easy to start taking notice of little home projects you’d like to undertake around the place. With summer in full swing, we’ve outlined 11 ideas to help you transform your outdoor entertaining area into a summer haven.

From building multi-purpose spaces to investing in good outdoor furniture, if you follow these tips you’ll be wanting to host friends and family into an envy-inducing entertaining area, this season and beyond.

First things first, think about it!

Before you rush to the shops and fill up your trolley with outdoor fairy lights and fire pits, be sure to have a clear idea in mind on how you plan on using the space. Whether it be focussed on offering entertainment to small children or providing the perfect place to host dinner parties, knowing what you want from the area is a great way to ensure you have a clear idea of what the space should be and what it needs to have. Websites like Pinterest are a great place to find inspiration and will help you shape your space before getting started.

Create A Multi-Purpose Space

A deck is a great way to create a multi-purpose space you can enjoy all summer long. Whether you’re relaxing with a book in an outdoor recliner or entertaining friends and family over a summer evening feast, a deck will always be an investment to your home. Investing in a multi-purpose space, like a deck, offers you a versatile base to work with over time and you can continue to style it as the seasons change. Check our Havwoods Trekker composite decking range that’s perfect for outdoor use. Composite decking has loads of advantages that include no splintering, anti-slip texture and low maintenance making it a great material for your deck. 

Cook Up A Storm In An Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing says Australian summer better than a barbecue with friends and family at home. Why not elevate your cooking space with your very own outdoor kitchen. Your friends will be super impressed with this! Instead of running back inside for forgotten items, you can stock up your outdoor kitchen with everything you need to cook up a glorious barbecue feast.

...And Add An Outdoor Bar

Whilst you’re building your outdoor kitchen, why not add a bar, too? Forget the lines, crowds and overpriced drinks and invite your friends round for some cocktails or an ice-cold beer when the mercury rises. This will be a key focal point of your entertaining area where your friends can gather around the bar for a pre-dinner drink or top off the meal with a nightcap. What better way to keep the vibes of summer rolling.

Make A Splash With A Pool

With Australian summers notoriously spent by the water, why not save the travel and add a pool to your backyard? Not only is a pool a great way to add value to your property, but it’s also the perfect place to spend your summer days next to. Use a pool to transport your entertaining space to your favourite travel destinations. Take inspiration from the sapphire blues and crisp whites from Greece or create a tropical rainforest feel from Bali to add an extra dimension to your home. 

Invest In Good Outdoor Furniture 

It may cost you more initially, but good-quality outdoor furniture is built to last and withstand the elements such as sun exposure, rain and overuse. Another plus is you can use the outdoor pieces to complement your entertaining area and add to it as you need. Consider a large dining space to host family and friends for lavish lunches or delectable dinners or breakout lounges for something a little bit more casual. 

Don’t Forget To Landscape

Landscaping is a great way to bring a holiday feel to your entertaining area. Working with a professional landscaper will help you identify which plants you can use to create your very own oasis from the busy world. Before discussing with your landscaper, be sure to have planned out larger structural spaces like pools and decks to ensure you’re working to create a cohesive space.

Set The Mood With Outdoor Lighting

As the sun begins to set, you can add a decorative charm with some outdoor lighting. From festoon lights to underwater pool lights, outdoor lighting is an inexpensive but effective way to add ambience to your outdoor entertaining area.

Hang A Hammock

Bring that sense of holiday relaxation home and watch the summer evenings roll by in a comfy hammock. Whether it’s freestanding or tied between two trees, you’ll be transported to your very own island getaway in no time. 

Just Press Play

Let the music play the soundtrack to your dinner or afternoon party by the pool and look at adding outdoor speakers to your entertaining area. An inexpensive way to set the tone of your space, you can wirelessly connect to speakers placed around your backyard and create the soundtrack to your summer with ease. A fun idea before a dinner party is to ask guests to request a song before arriving and create a playlist everyone will enjoy throughout the night. 

Glow Up Your Entertaining Area

Enhance your alfresco entertaining space with a cosy fire pit. Not only do they add ambience to a space as they emit wonderful warm glow they are a magnet for long conversations into the early hours of the morning with loved ones. With numerous options available from portable to more permanent structures, you’ll spend all year beside it. 

What Next?

So you know just how your would like your space to look and feel, now it’s time to make it happen.

Learn more about Havwoods Trekker composite decking range, request a free flooring sample, or get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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