9 Interior Design Ideas for a Beach Chic Bedroom

10 Feb 2021

Australians have always loved the beach. It’s only natural to want to bring some of the beautiful beach qualities into our homes, and to our bedrooms in particular. Elements of the seaside can create a sanctuary of rest and relaxation, no matter where you live. To help you create a gorgeous bedroom here are some of our favourite interior design ideas for beach chic bedrooms.

Australians have always loved the beach. We’re lucky to have so many gorgeous stretches to choose from, with no two beaches the same.

Whether you prefer peaceful bays or wild surf, turquoise water or natural bushland, there’s something about the beach that brings a sense of calm and tranquillity into our lives.

It’s only natural to want to bring that serene quality of the beach into our homes, and into our bedrooms in particular. These seaside elements can create a relaxing sanctuary no matter where you live.

So, to help you create your dream beach-chic bedroom, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favourite interior tips and tricks. Read on to start designing a coastal sanctuary in your home that you can access all-year-round (no matter the weather!).

1. Choose a coastal base

What’s the first thing you think of when you picture the coast? Is it the deep azure of the sea? And why does your eye immediately go toward the rich blue? It’s because it’s contrasted against the beautiful neutrals of the sandy shores. 

This is the secret to all beach chic interiors. What you paint on the walls and place on the floor is incredibly important. These provide the foundation for the choices you make, and inform your decision-making when it comes to the rest of your materials and furniture in the room. 

Hot tip: Look for neutral bases, like crisp whites, soft greys, watery blues, foamy greens, sandy yellows, and woody browns. These will ensure your other design touches in the room fit cohesively into your design while keeping the mood casual-coastal-chic.

2. Embrace natural textures

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a weather-beaten piece of driftwood. Over time, the sea sculpts it into marvellous shapes that are the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, whether you want to use it to create a statement piece of furniture or a conversation-starting piece of decor, driftwood can be the perfect addition to your bedroom design.

If you don’t live near the coast and you can’t forage for natural driftwood on your daily walk, you can achieve a similar effect by sourcing other kinds of natural materials. Incorporating nature into your design is proven to have a calming effect that will help you unwind instantly.

Hot tip: Look for things like raw or recycled timber, seagrass, wicker furniture, or even bamboo to mimic driftwood, and to elevate your design with a more natural aesthetic.

3. Incorporate an ocean motif

The trick to successfully using motifs in beach chic interiors is to embrace the idea that less is more. You don’t need to have fish, shells, octopi, and boats on every wall to create a seaside atmosphere. 

Instead, you could look for patterned cushion covers, a couple of themed lamps, or a featured piece like a shell mirror, to create elegant accents. Choose carefully and allow each element to pop against the neutral base rather than going overboard (...see what we did there? Couldn’t resist the pun!).

Hot tip: Try scouting your local op shop or arts and crafts store for inspiration. Often, these places have a lot of seaside paraphernalia, as well as items you can thrift to make your own decorations. Try looking for old mirrors with plain frames that you could jazz up with a splash of paint.

4. Make your accents pop

Trust us when we say it can be easy to overdo the neutrals. A simple colour scheme, accentuated by some new curtains or throw pillows, can make a big difference to creating a beach chic bedroom that is far from boring.

Once you’ve got the base sorted, you can accent your interior design with pops of colour. Picture a summer holiday in your mind, and what are the key elements? Bright umbrellas? Eye-catching bathing suits? Vibrant icy poles? Slices of citrus in your drinks? Yes, coastal themes are typically light and breezy, but that only creates part of the picture.

Hot tip: Vivid reds, pinks, corals, oranges, yellows, and greens can add a playful element that will surprise and delight your senses. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep things simple and elegant, consider some silver or deep blue highlights to mimic that feel of the ocean.

5. Reconsider your flooring

Hardwood has held the key to ocean exploration since the very first boat was floated on water. From simple fishing canoes to great ocean-going ships and modern super yachts, hardwood has appeared everywhere from hulls to masts and decks.

The easiest way to bring this element into your home is by rethinking the materials used in your flooring. Hardwood floors are a great way to cool down homes in warmer climates, or provide a backdrop for stylish rugs in cooler climates, adding an elegant touch that will tie your room together.

White timber flooring is particularly unique, and can really elevate the design of a beach chic bedroom. Through Havwoods, you can request a sample to see whether white wood is right for your floor.

Hot tip: Look for local Australian timbers and choose engineered materials from a local supplier. Timber floors will integrate with your home seamlessly, and they’ll also be installed by a qualified expert, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

6. Use your walls strategically

A beach chic interior design basically begs for a gorgeous framed landscape photograph. One great option is selecting a mirror with a cream, wood, or gilt frame. This can help enhance the natural light in your space, while providing practical benefits every time you get dressed.

If you’re looking for a contemporary alternative, there are a few options you could consider. If your budget can stretch, one option is investing in a television such as a Samsung Frame, which mimics a framed artwork and displays photographs when it’s not in use.

You could also consider a Pinterest-style gallery, printing out and framing smaller versions of all your favourite beach photographs, and spacing them evenly along a feature wall.

Hot tip: If you have the budget, look at local artists in your area that might create and sell natural prints and photos which you can purchase. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, go out and take your own photos and print them out at your local printing store.

7. Invest in a pattern (or two)

Nothing says beach chic like stripes. The classic look is a nautical theme of bright white and rich blue with an orange accent to compliment the hue. This can look crisp and stylish, and you can bring these stripes into your design anywhere; from a throw on the couch to a rug on the floor.

Though these stripes are timeless, the last few years have seen an upwards trend towards leafy green patterns. Tropical plants, like palms, are synonymous with beach chic design. Adding a leafy pattern to something like a bedspread, cushion covers, or even an artwork, can freshen up a room and instantly make it feel cool and inviting. Rich greens will add a luxurious feel with a relaxing effect, meaning you can wake up to an island escape every morning.

Hot tip: If you’re handy with a needle and thread, take yourself down to your local craft store and pick up a roll of your favourite material. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn any print you find into matching accessories for your home, without breaking the bank!

8. Add some life with plants

While gorgeous leafy patterns are a wonderful addition to any beach chic bedroom, nothing beats the real thing. Birds of Paradise, ficuses, fiddle leaf figs, small palms, rubber trees, or monsteras all thrive indoors, and will look right at home in bright white, neutral or earthen pots.

Depending on the layout of your room, you could try setting one in a corner or near a window. Try investing in a stand to bring the plant to eye level, or even installing some ceiling hooks. Experimenting with the height of your pot plants will break up the lines of your bedroom, making the overall feel much more organic.

Hot tip: You can select woven covers to go around your pots, or even look up some tutorials and create some of your own macrame hangers. This can tie the natural aesthetic of your room together by thematically combining all the best elements within a single vision.

9. Let there be light

Last but not least, don’t forget your ceiling! Selecting the right lighting for your beach chic interior presents one of the biggest opportunities to really finesse the coastal elements in your room.

On one hand, you could create a relaxed vibe and keep a clean finish with soft downlights. On the other hand, you could catch the light with a statement chandelier, a coastal-themed ceiling fan, or even some tall lamps. Remodelling your bedroom also provides the perfect opportunity to make the most of the natural light in your area. 

If you’re investing in a bigger transformation, such as a full-scale renovation, making your windows larger and wider can make a huge difference to the light in your room. New windows can really elevate and brighten a space when you enter, making your bedroom both airy and relaxed.

Hot tip: Replacing heavy curtains with light blinds or plantation shutters will help you control exactly how much light filters through, to ensure you’re always able to rest and relax.

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