Herringbone & Beers at our Newcastle Installation Workshop

6 Aug 2019

As soon as guests walked through the doors of our Newcastle Showroom, they were in for a lively night.

Greeted by a glass of smooth craft beer and a smiling face, a motley group of builders, installers and shop fitters joined us in our Newcastle Showroom for an evening dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge – just how to install the perfect herringbone timber floor.

Shane, from Great Southern Floors, explains the intricacies of herringbone timber flooring. Photos by Good Thanks Media.

To kick off the night, JJ King, the masterful brewer from the local Cattleyard Brewing Co, presented an insightful look into the making of craft beer. With hardly a glass staying empty for too long, the good vibes and camaraderie were flowing just as quickly as the beers were being drunk and the satay chicken devoured.

JJ King, from local Cattleyard Brewing Co, presented a diverse selection of craft beers on the night. Photos by Good Thanks Media.

Product specialist, Ken, was on hand to answer any detailed flooring questions. Photos by Good Thanks Media.

The showcase event for the night was delivered by the engaging Shane Jones from Great Southern Floors. With several years of experience installing timber flooring, Shane engaged the crowd with his personable nature and product knowledge. To say they weren’t impressed would be like disputing the importance of sub-floor preparation when installing timber flooring – completely unthinkable.

Shane Jones delivers a practical demonstration on how to install herringbone timber flooring. Photos by Good Thanks Media.

What followed Shane’s demonstration was a battle of the ‘Old vs New Guard.’ The coincidental pairing saw Greg, a veteran installer, compete against a newly minted addition to the trade in a head-on-head (or should that be diagonal-on-diagonal?) herringbone timber installation competition. After a frantic race to the finish, the title of 'Herringbone Champion’ was taken out by Greg. Although considering the happy faces and full stomachs, we doubt there were any losers among us.  

The Herringbone Installation Challenge saw two good sports compete for the title of 'Herringbone Champion.' Photos by Good Thanks Media. 


The Beauty of Herringbone timber Flooring

With a long and varied history, the parquetry pattern known as herringbone has positioned itself as a time-tested classic. It can be seen featured in commercial and residential projects, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The pattern is also incredibly versatile allowing you to create a plethora of designs including double herringbone, diagonal herringbone, diagonal basket weave, basket weave and brick. 

To this day, herringbone remains a popular style of flooring. Spaces incorporating this pattern can achieve a feel of history and tradition or, by mixing colours and materials, can create a modern twist on a familiar favourite. 


Can I purchase herringbone timber flooring from havwoods?

Yes! We offer three different collections:

  • The Design From Havwoods Collection offers a stunning range of pre-finished and unfinished herringbone timber blocks that can be used to create classic herringbone, basket weave or tumbling dice patterns for a touch of something special. 

  • Inspired by the intricate floors of Italy, the Italian Collection features a range of narrower, thinner planks, chevron and herringbone timber blocks that provide more flexibility for laying in complex patterns or mixing with tiles and other materials.  

  • The herringbone blocks in our Par-ky Collection offer exceptional value for even the tightest of budgets. Their exceptional durability means that you can continue on with daily life knowing that the multiple layers of UV cured, ultra-hard, aluminium technology matt lacquer will protect your floors for years to come. 

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