Shou Sugi Ban Inspired Planks

PROJECT - Franklin Loft

8 Feb 2018

As leaders in innovation, Havwoods strive for new inspiration. Today we are inspired by the Japanes Shou Sugi Ban.

Fire can make wood more durable and more fireproof, but our interest was in the aesthetics.

Centuries ago, driftwood recovered from the coastlines around Japan was highly prized for its appearance and durability, but demand was high and supply was short, so the Japanese discovered an alternative weathering technique: fire. Shou Sugi Ban is Japanese for ‘burnt cedar board’ – cedar being a commonplace wood – and these charred planks became popular for residential sidings, fencing and decking. As timber fell into increasingly short supply in Japan, its usage was replaced with modern plastics and cement and Shou Sugi Ban became a ‘lost’ technique. Recently it has been rediscovered, but our interest was not in the technique as a preservative; it was in the wonderful way that the charring and cleansing process emphasises the grain structure and knots. 

Achieve a similar look with our Relik Collection - with genuine reclaimed timber that can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, doors or furniture and even lighting. Full of individual and unique character, these timber planks are a stunning solution.

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