10 Autumn Interior Design Trends To Transform Your Home

10 Mar 2021

With the sun disappearing beyond the horizon earlier each evening and the warm summer air starting to bring with it a slight chill, you’ll be slowly shifting from your outdoor summer activities to keeping warm inside.

With the upcoming drop in mercury as autumn approaches us, now is the perfect time to check out these 10 autumn interior design trends to transform your home into an autumn sanctury.

1. LayER it on me

Using textiles like pillows, throws and heavy curtains are a great way to help transform your home as the temperature drops, from both an aesthetic and practicality perspective.

Summer tends to be more about light and soft furnishings that aren’t too warm. Autumn is the perfect time to update your cushion covers to heavier fabrics, like velvet and faux fur, and swap out your lighter cotton blinds for curtains that will keep the chill out like these thermal curtains from Quickfit blinds and curtains.

You can also look at adding a rug to large open spaces to bring a decorative yet warming feel to your home- perfect over hardwood floors or tiles.

2. Grandmillennial or Granny Chic

Everything that was once considered “old” and “daggy” are now the latest autumn trends.

The terms "Grandmillennial" and “Granny Chic” first appeared throughout 2020, and continue to rise as the hottest autumn interior trend. This decor trend is centred on homey-comfort-meets-nostalgia with a modern-day look.

Tips to pulling off this look include choosing pieces you’d find at your grandparents house: think antiques, crocheted blankets, floral wallpaper and one-off pieces like beautiful vintage side tables or arm chairs.

Weekend markets and antique stores are great places to scope out pieces to perfect the granny chic look; or better yet, ask Grandma if you can take some of her pieces and give them a new life at your own home!

3. Time To Terrazzo

If you’d like to totally transform the look and feel of your home, maybe it’s time you considered the hottest autumn trend: terrazzo.

Another trend that launched last year, everything terrazzo is exploding in the interior decorating world.

Our Foresso timber terrazzo new concept product is your ticket to making a bold statement in any room that’ll become a feature within your home.

4. Dry it Out

If you haven’t already come across the trend of decorating your home with dried flowers on Instagram and Pinterest, you’re about to!

A shift from the usual bouquets of fresh flowers in spring and summer, dried flowers are a great way to keep your home floral throughout the cooler months, without the upkeep!

Dried flowers will last months and require no maintenance - perfect for those who love the look of plants but forget to water them! Dried flowers are also more sustainable than fresh ones, so you won’t feel that guilt when throwing away smelly fresh flowers.

You can order pre-made arrangements from a florist, or why not hold onto a bouquet and dry them out yourself. Better Homes & Gardens has some tips on the best way to dry fresh flowers here.

5. Let there be light

If you’re looking to make a large transformation to your home this autumn, roof windows and skylights should be high on the list.

Roof windows and skylights fill a space with natural light and keep it warm during those sunny but chilly autumn and winter days.

Not only do roof windows and skylights make a room seem bigger, they also help bring the outdoors in, which for many of us working from home, can make all the difference to our wellbeing. 

6. State THE of Art

With the cooler weather on the horizon, you’ll be spending more time indoors as the temperature drops. An easy way to transform your home this autumn is to add some art pieces around the house.

Wall art is a great way to show off your creative eye, personality, make a statement or tie the pieces of a room together cohesively.

Take a walk around the house and look for spaces that could be filled with some wall art. Whether you’re into a single statement piece or you’d like to create a collage of artwork, a tip to help imagine how a piece will work in a space is to trace different sizes onto butcher’s paper and use blue tac to plan out the perfect piece for that space before committing to an idea or drilling any holes.

7. Wood Panelling

Wood panelling is a versatile way to transform your home to give it a completely new look this autumn.

Wood panelling offers so much potential to create a feature section in a room or can be used to cover an entire wall. The variety of colours, styles and patterns ensure you’re able to capture your tastes perfectly.

We’ve rounded up ten beautiful wood wall paneling trends that will sure make a statement in your home this autumn and beyond.

8. Warm and Earthy Tones

Just because it's getting cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the heat when it comes to the colours you use inside.

A new interior trend you’ll want to copy in your home is the use of warm and earthy neutral tones. Forget greys and whites, sandy yellows, earthy oranges and soft greens are the colours dominating this autumn.

These colours will help bring a sense of warmth to your home and are perfectly complemented with jute rugs, wooden furniture and woollen throws.

9. Japandi

Japandi is the marriage between two powerhouse interior trends: Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality.

So want to know how to pull off the Japandi style?

Japandi is inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of Japanese style that is also practical and serves a purpose. Forget pretty-but-impractical pieces, everything in the Japandi trend is rooted in aesthetics AND function.

Channel your inner-Marie Kondo and declutter to create clean lines and open spaces that spark joy.

If you’re looking to take the Japandi interior trend to the next level, why not use autumn to transform your flooring? Our Douglas Fir hardwood flooring options offer a truly stunning Scandinavian style flooring option.

10. Look a Little Smaller

If you’re looking to transform your home this autumn with the latest design trends but don’t want to commit to anything too room-altering, look to smaller pieces. Adding decorative pieces around your home can make a large impact on the overall decor and feel of a space.

Popular current trends you can implement on a smaller scale include:

Rattan and Wicker

Rattan and wicker furniture are all the rage and are saturating design blogs and social accounts around the world. If you love this trend but don't want to commit to large furniture pieces, look to making a space seem bigger with one of these rattan mirrors from Temple & Webster or organise your shelves with a woven basket like this one from IKEA.

Removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is the ideal way to totally transform the walls of a room without committing to a look long-term. Brands like Removable Wallpaper are an online store offering wallpapers that are easy to install, eco-friendly and are removed dry, with no steam needed.

Still Looking for inspiration to Transform Your Home this Autumn?

Check out the Havwoods Wood Book to see our ranges, browse colours, textures, inspiration and more right now.

You can also request a free flooring sample online, or get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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