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10 Wood Panelling Trends For Walls (UPDATED 2022)

14 Apr 2022

There was a time when wood panelling on walls was associated with the dark halls and creaking floors of stuffy mansions. Now, wood panelling is light years away from its overbearing ancestors and consistently proves itself a must-have home trend in modern and character homes alike.

We’ve rounded up ten beautiful wood wall panelling trends that are sure to add interest and style to your new build or renovation.

1. Vertical Wood PanelLing

Vertical is IN. From exterior cladding to interior feature walls, vertical wood panelling is one of the easiest ways to increase the feeling of height in your ceilings and add a sleek and stylish point of difference to almost any room in your home.

Whether you are looking to cover an entire wall or simply a feature section, vertical wood panelling will give your room a sleek, on-trend look right out of the pages of your favourite lookbooks.

Pictured product above: RECM3040 Onslow Timber Wall Cladding  If you want to see any of our flooring, decking or cladding before coming in to see us,  you can simply request a free sample. Just click on the product link and select ‘Request a sample’.

2. Horizontal Wood PaneLling

Not a fan of the vertical look? Many designers love to use horizontal panelling for a more classic feature wall. The vertical look can also add the impression of length and space to a room.

Horizontal wood panels help to bridge the interior-exterior divide, bringing warm, natural tones into an otherwise stark, monotone environment.

Product pictured above: HW2102 Lavardon PurePlank

3. Wide Wood PaneLling

Wide wood panels are one of the most exciting interior trends this year, and are a favourite among European designers who appreciate their sleek, modern aesthetic.

Product pictured above: HW31016 Aspen Raw PurePanel

4. Batten Wood PanelLing

Battens are big right now, in both interior and exterior design. With the right application, installing some batten panelling on your walls can infuse your room with an incredible sense of style. Try pairing a batten feature wall with sultry dark interior paints and Scandi or Industrial design elements. 

5. PaneLling in Entranceways

Love the idea of incorporating some wood wall panelling into your interior design but don’t want to commit to it in your main living spaces? Wood panelling in entrance halls and mudrooms is a big style trend continuing in 2022 and will make a lasting impression on anyone visiting your home.

From natural wood tones to painted timber panels, your entrance hall is a safe space to play with something just that little bit different. 

Pictured product below: HW961 Amendo Rustic

6. Geometric Wood PaneLling

If you are looking for the wood panel ‘wow factor’, a feature wall made up of recurring or random shapes may be just what you are looking for. Think squares, circles, cubes and triangles - whatever timber-based art takes your fancy can be yours with the clever application of wood panelling.

Our clients often ask us to design and install our products in new and interesting ways and we love to see their bold ideas come together in stunning feature walls. 

7. Patterned Wood PanelLing

Patterned wood wall panelling is a stunning trend right out of the European style books. The use of patterning and clever design repetitions speak to the traditional French parquet which has found new life as a wall panelling trend around the world.

With clever design and application, as well as the right panelling product, a European style of wood panelling has the potential to take your home design from zero to chic in an instant.

Similar to product pictured: HW3570 Mascot Herringbone

8. Painted Wood PaneLling

Many of us can be purists when it comes to timber products, preferring a natural wood grain aesthetic. But if you have enough timber in your home already and are still looking for depth and texture design additions, consider the incredibly popular painted wood wall panelling trend.

From half walls to full feature walls, painted panels are a fantastic way of playing with colour without resorting to a plain matte colour wall. 

Pictured product above: RECM2200 Reclaimed Painted Pine Chevron

9. Reclaimed Wood PanelLing

Reclaimed timber is a wonderful interior trend - whether you intend to use it for flooring, walls, or even as a ceiling feature. The more sustainable option for your build or renovation, reclaimed wood panelling also brings the colours and history of its past life to your home.

Pictured product above: RECM2025 Reclaimed Barn Oak

10. Wood Wall PaneLling - Do It Your Way

Whether you decide to make use of patterns, shapes, or painted timber in your wood panelling application, adding a wood panel feature wall is one of the most striking ways to set the tone of your interior style. 

Make a stunning first impression with a well-placed panelled feature wall or beautiful timber cabinetry.

Big or small, a well-placed panelled feature can be the difference between a bland, boring room and one that wows for many years to come.

Havwoods’ PurePanel is manufactured using timber milled from Europe’s most reputable timber mills, and is an incredibly versatile material that can be used as wall cladding, bespoke cabinetry, or detailed and creative joinery.

The majority of Havwoods engineered timber flooring products may also be used on walls, ceilings, table-tops, cabinetry and joinery.

Our showrooms in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne are filled with samples of our PurePanel collection, so you can see and feel the difference in real life. We have a number of COVID-safe measures in place to ensure your safety during your visit.

Can’t make it in? No problem! Requesting free samples from our range is quick and easy. You can also make a virtual showroom appointment and visit Havwoods from the comfort of your own home or office in a personalised virtual consultation. 

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