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Why Trekker Composite Decking Is The Best Alternative To Timber

17 Aug 2022

There is no better time to talk all things decking than when the weather is heating up. The Havwoods Trekker Decking is an eco-friendly compositive decking product that is a great alternative to the traditional timber deck. 

We explore why we believe Trekker Composite Decking is one of the best options to create the perfect outdoor space.

What Is Composite Decking?

Trekker Composite decking from Havwoods is constructed from recycled wood fibre and polymer that results in a denser, harder and heavier product than wood alone. This means that there is no danger of splinters and, since the composite will not host the growth of algae, it is anti-slip, even in the wet. This makes it ideally suited to use in commercial and public areas, as well as for private decks.

Why Choose Trekker Composite Decking?

Trekker Composite decking is the modern alternative to timber decking, with the main advantages of composite being that it does not warp and is incredibly low maintenance. Trekker composite decking planks look like wood and can be worked like wood, however unlike wood, they do not need to be protected from water ingress which makes them naturally more suited to outdoor use.

There are many benefits of choosing composite decking over timber decking:

  • Anti-slip, even in the wet.
  • Anti-splinter
  • Low maintenance
  • Does not rot or warp
  • Made in Europe
  • Eco-friendly: constructed from fully recycled wood and polymer
  • Suited to commercial and public areas as well as residential private decks
  • Easy to install
  • UV treated for fade resistance
  • 15 year warranty

Responsibly Sourced, Eco-Friendly Choice In Decking

Made in Europe, in an environmentally aware facility, from recycled wood fibre and polymer, Trekker composite decking is FSC® certified (C009500). This ensures the materials have been responsibly sourced from replenishable forests, that the local wildlife are protected, and the workers and communities benefit from fair trade.

Hassle Free Install and Maintenance

Trekker Decking is incredibly easy to install using 25 fixing clips per square metre which are supplied free of charge. 

The profile design of Trekker Decking boasts a unique "stopgap" concept so there is no need to worry about losing valuables down through your decking gaps!

Maintenance is a breeze with Trekker Composite Decking, requiring no more than an occasional wash with plain water to keep your deck looking like new.

The planks are UV treated for fade resistance so, although it will mellow slightly once installed, the colour will stabilise. Scratches may be lightly sanded and the colour will rapidly blend into the remaining deck or cladding. 

Australia's Number One Timber Flooring Supplier ALSO StockS Trekker Decking

Browse our Trekker Composite Decking range online and order free samples or visit your local Havwoods Showroom in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne to see large Decking sample panels in person and speak with our Havwoods consultants.