How To Make Your Home Feel Like Summer Year-Round

24 Feb 2021

The season of summer is always a fun time of year. Whether it be long days at the beach, barbeques with friends by the pool or just the extended hours of sunshine each day, summer has a special charm to it that lightens up life.

We know summer only lasts for three months of the year, so we’ve got some helpful hints and tips to help extend the best season of the calendar year-long in your home. Here are our tips to make your home feel like summer all year-round.

Use a summer Theme

This may sound like an obvious place to start, but one of the best ways to help make your home feel like summer year-round is to use the season as your inspiration.

Playing with a nautical or beach decor scheme by using blues and whites, interspersed with lots of cotton finishes is one easy way to keep your space warm and summery.

You can also look outdoors for inspiration to bring inside your home. The French Knot has a summer-inspired range of decorative items including seashells, coral and even a brass crab to bring those beachside house vibes a little closer to home.

Let There Be Light

Is there anything more wonderful than finishing up work with the sun still shining? Unfortunately, this isn’t sustained in the colder months as the days get shorter. Here are some simple tips to use light to help create that feeling of summertime year-round.

Dress Your Windows

Whilst heavy curtains can have a certain charm to them, if you're looking for that summertime vibe, try some lighter options to help achieve that summery atmosphere. Swap out your winter curtains and opt for sheer and airy fabrics, like chiffon, to help open up the room and create a brighter space. Or, if you need the heavier fabric to help keep the heat in during the colder months, simply opt for lighter coloured fabrics like whites, pale blues or creams and neutrals.

Knock, Knock

If you have the opportunity to make more permanent changes to your home, consider swapping hardwood doors for glass ones. Using glass doors is a great way to allow the natural light to flow freely into your space and between rooms and offers a breezier, brighter feel in the space.

Summer Scents

Whether it be the salt that lingers on your skin after a day at the beach or the fragrant blooms of gardenia in the garden, summer has a distinct smell to it. One way to help keep your nose in a summer trance is to incorporate the smell of summer in your home all year round.

Whether it be burning an orchid & blood orange-scented candle from Glasshouse fragrances or spraying your room with Jo Malone’s classic lime basil & mandarin scent surround room spray, the moment you walk through the door, your sense of smell will transport you to a warm summer's day, even in the middle of July.

You Can Never Have Too Many Plants, Right?

Autumn and winter not only bring with them shorter days and cold weather, they also take the blossoms from the garden beds and leaves from the trees. To help remedy the lack-of-life in the plant world outdoors, why not keep the warm days rolling with some beautiful indoor plants?

Here are four indoor plant recommendations that will help create that summery tropical vibe across all seasons:

Bird Of Paradise

Whilst often seen planted outdoors, Bird of Paradise plants are great indoor plants, too. Whether you decide to keep them on the smaller side, or are happy to let them grow wild, their gorgeous flowers and wide leaves are the perfect way to keep the tropical feels flowing.

Parlour Palms

Does any other plant say summer like a palm? Parlour Palms are a great way to bring those summer holiday feelings into your home and adapt to the size pot they live in. Growing to nearly a metre high in a larger pot or kept in a small pot for a compact version, Parlour Palms bring life into any space they’re in and look great, too!

Bangalow Palms

If you’re riding the waves of the palm, you could also consider a Bangalow Palm. These plants can easily adapt to low-light conditions so long as you remember to keep the soil nice and moist and dust the leaves every few months to keep it in tip-top shape.

Baby Umbrella Tree

For those who love the idea of plants around the home, but often forget to tend to them from time to time, Baby Umbrella Trees are the answer. These low-maintenance plants are easy to care for and add a sense of summer to your home.

I Can See A Rainbow

One way to expel the dark and dimness that the cooler weather brings is to combat it with colour. The summer colour palette can be intense and bright like cobalt blue and sunshine yellow, or subdued and relaxing like sky blue, pastels and whites.

Whether it be this vibrant Mexican-inspired rug from Temple & Webster, a summer wall decor from Bed, bath n’ table or even some sunny yellow pillows from Freedom Furniture, it can be quick and easy to add pops of colour to each room to brighten up your space.

Best of all, these additions aren’t permanent and are easy to shift around your home to reinvigorate each space as you feel the need throughout the year.

Bring the Inside, Out

Summers are spent outdoors and it’s easy to keep this trend going into the colder months, especially if you have created an inviting outdoor space. Invest in some quality outdoor entertaining pieces and even look to enhancing your outdoor space with a cosy fire pit. Imagine lounging on an outdoor lounge, like this one from Amart furniture, in front of your fire pit with a mulled wine or hot chocolate in hand during the cooler seasons and a cocktail or ice block on a summer’s night.

Additionally, why not think about updating or building a beautiful new outdoor deck? This is the perfect way to create an inviting outdoor space that you can utilise all year round. Need some inspiration? Check out our 11 Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Area into a Summer Haven.

Fresh Summer Vibe Flooring

Forget stuffy carpets and look to the natural characteristics of genuine timber flooring to help transform your space into a summer beach house. Havwoods has a range of beautiful timber flooring options in a variety of colours and styles to suit any taste.

Our personal favourites to create that holiday-home feeling include the Venture Plank ranges’ Blanco engineered timber for its sandy light colour or the Blackbutt timber flooring in the Australian collection, with its warm and earthy tones. 

Now you’ve got your ideas in order and you’re ready to reinvigorate your home to a year-long summer home - it’s time to make it happen!

Request a free flooring sample online, or get in touch with our friendly team today and we can help you find your perfect summer timber flooring or outdoor decking.

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