Is A Wood Floor In A Kitchen A Bad Idea?

4 Feb 2020

A kitchen with a wood floor, sounds like a mess waiting to happen, doesn’t it? The truth is, a wood floor in a kitchen isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The excess moisture from water fixtures in bathrooms make wood floors unideal in that space, but a kitchen isn’t a continually wet space. That changes the game entirely.

So if you had your sights set on a wood floor in your kitchen at home, the office or perhaps your restaurant or cafe, these are the reasons why a wood floor isn’t a bad option for your kitchen space.

Timber Floors can handle spills and leaks

Kitchens aren’t continually wet spaces. What we mean by this is that aside from the sink, fridge and dishwasher, there aren’t any regular sources of moisture that may damage the floor. If cleaned quickly, occasional spills and leaks won’t lead to warps or splits in the boards.

If your timber floor has been sealed, then the floor should be protected from any routine or accidental encounters with water that can happen in a kitchen. The only time you may need to replace your floor is in emergencies, such as a burst pipe, or refrigerator leak. These kinds of events, however, will damage most floors, regardless of the material they are made from. 

You can read more on the care, maintenance and how to clean your timber floor here.

Create a seamless home design

Homeowners will enjoy significant design benefits from a wood floor in the kitchen space. Extending a wood floor into the kitchen from your living or dining rooms can make the space look larger, and improve cohesion. This is particularly beneficial for open plan living spaces, or small apartments that feel cramped in. 

Tiles aren’t as comfortable to stand on for long-periods

If you’re in the kitchen a lot or considering a wood floor for a cafe or restaurant, you’ll want to consider the comfort factor.

In the home, a wood floor will be much more comfortable to stand on as you prepare meals, experiment with new recipes or teach the kids how to bake. 

And for the hospitality workplace, the wellbeing of your staff is important to consider before you make the final decision. Tiles aren’t as comfortable to stand on for long shifts, whereas a wood floor is softer on the feet.

Wood has a warm and natural aesthetic

The warm and natural aesthetic of engineered wood is versatile, and easily incorporated into diverse design concepts.

On the commercial front, small cafe owners in particular can benefit from the flexibility a wood floor affords their kitchen space. The line between kitchen and counter blurs in these small family-owned or startup coffee shops, where the coffee machine is often visible to customers. Choosing a wood floor will provide a warm environment for staff and customers alike, while providing a viable and durable floor where the prime product is brewed.

In homes, the design benefits offered by wood floors are future proof. Proven to improve quality of life and wellbeing, a wood floor may turn your kitchen into the family focal point. 

Solid Hardwood isn’t the only option, try engineered timber flooring

One misconception about wood floors is that solid hardwood is the only option. If you’re concerned about hardwood floors in your kitchen space, or want a more durable product with the natural aesthetic of wood, try engineered timber flooring.

Engineered timber boards are manufactured by layering one type of wood over plywood fibres, which produces a stronger, more durable board. Plywood is more resistant to water and moisture than hardwood, which means engineered timber will suit any kitchen space.

The top layer of Havwoods engineered timber flooring is genuine European Oak timber and so your floor will look the same as any solid timber floor, only more durable and stable due to the engineered construction.

Wood floors in a kitchen, that’s a great idea

There’s no practical reason a wood floor wouldn’t be a great idea for your kitchen. Need help choosing a timber floor? Learn more about our engineered timber flooring range here, and how you can create a talking point in your kitchen.

Live in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne? Visit a Havwoods flooring showroom to see our engineered timber floors in person, or you can order a free sample online for delivery to any Australian address.