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DIY: Design and Decor For Home Office Spaces

17 Aug 2021

The past 18 months have blurred the lines between working from home or living from work and it’s never been more important to distinguish space in your home that is dedicated to work.

The home office space is a place where productivity can be maximised and stress can be reduced. However, these two things often come at odds with each other when it comes to designing the perfect home office space. This article will explore how you can design your own custom-built home office that meets all of your needs to maximise productivity and comfort levels.

Make it functional

Whilst most of us are concerned about making a space that looks great, it is just as important to consider how a space feels and functions.

Dr James Zheng, a qualified chiropractor at Body Therapy Chiropractic in Sydney’s northern suburbs, says functionality is key for productive work.

Whilst it may suit your aesthetic to have a cute Macbook laptop on your desk, Dr James says one of the main things for the home office is a desktop screen (or laptop stand). According to him, we shouldn’t be working from a laptop all day as this will force our body into a rounded posture.

His tip when setting up either your desktop screen or laptop (on a stand), is to ensure the first third of your screen is at eye level so that you can use your eyes to graze the screen rather than looking down all day. He also recommends when sitting, that our feet be planted on the ground. If you're short in stature and your legs are already off the ground, then he recommends a foot stool or platform so that you can plant your feet on it.

Finally ensure you have some support. Dr James advises when sitting, we need to have proper support and therefore can not be sitting on the couch with our laptops on our laps, as this can place enormous tension on the muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine.

He’s not suggesting you need an expensive office chair but he says you do want a chair that is sturdy and firm so that it can support your body. When shopping for a chair, the biggest importance is ensuring you have your hips higher than your knees to create an angle that activates the Hip Flexor muscle (Iliopsoas). Once this little guy is activated, it will naturally make your Lumbar spine go into a Lordosis which will then have a domino effect to the rest of your spine.

Ergonomic furniture such as a standing desk is great for a home office as this promotes change of posture positions. Change is good when working from home as this causes mobility in our joints throughout the day. In fact what we should aim for is every 20-30 minutes we should stand up from our desk and give ourselves a stretch as it is very easy to be sitting there for 8 hours straight when working from home. 

Talk a walk on the wild side

Plants in the workplace have been proven to help reduce stress and increase productivity, but did you know that they also provide a natural way of cleaning the air?

Studies have concluded that adding a green friend to your workspace can be an effective solution for reducing anxiety levels.

Devil’s Ivy loves to mimic the environment it finds itself in, so it will grow well no matter where you put them. Plus they don't need a lot of light. Peace lilies are another easy-going and forgiving plant, for those who may not be as attentive when it comes to watering.

Maximise space, but make it stylish

It is difficult to be productive when you are surrounded by clutter. Without a clean and organised office, it's easy for your mind to wander from the tasks at hand. The solution? Create more storage options in your home office.

We’re not saying to run out and buy clunky filing cabinets or manilla folders, to add a lovely finishing touch to your home, try some of Havwoods’ PurePanel to create beautiful built-ins and cabinetry.

Made from the finest timber sourced in Europe's most reputable mills and available for use as wall cladding or cabinetry detail work for any room that you choose; this material is both versatile and beautiful.

Head to the great outdoors

Creating an outdoor office can be a great way to get the work done while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Whether you have an existing deck that needs a modern touch, or you’ve always dreamt of having one, you can create a beautiful outdoor space with a little help from our Trekker Composite range.

Trekker Composite decking is a low maintenance option that looks like wood but doesn’t need the same care as timber, so they're perfect for outdoor use. Made in Europe from recycled materials, Trekker composite decking is FSC® certified (C009500). This ensures the wood has been responsibly sourced and that communities have benefited.

It’s all about the vibe

It's easy to feel isolated and stressed out when working from home. The lack of a physical work environment and contact with colleagues can make it difficult to stay motivated, productive, or creative.

For the worker who needs a little more inspiration and warmth to make their workspace productive, engineered timber flooring is just what you need.

With options ranging from light timbers that provide an airy vibe or darker tones for when your creativity wanes, Havwoods has all sorts of beautiful engineered timber species ready to bring some character into those boring old floors.

The science of colour

The colours that surround us in everyday life have a significant impact on our moods. From the colour of the clothes we wear, to what we see while driving or walking around town, colour is an integral part of our emotional experience. But how do colours affect us?

In her book, The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology, Angela Wright explores how colour can influence our mood and productivity.

When you think of a soothing and tranquil colour, blue usually comes to mind, however, you don’t want to create a whole space that uses different shades of blue! Instead of using a sea of one colour, Wright explains it’s actually more efficient to create harmony in a space using colour.

Picking the right colour for your home office is an important decision. Do you want to feel more creative? Then go with blue as it is linked to stimulating your mind. Are you looking for a boost of energy and optimism when it comes time to tackle that big project at work or meet deadlines? Yellow could be what's needed in this situation, but if stability and calmness are on your mind then green may suit you better.

If you’d like to look at office spaces for more inspiration, browse through our gallery of office space interior design and timber flooring projects.

Ready for a new home office space?

Check out our latest Wood Book for help with incorporating an engineered timber floor into your home office space, or to use the Havwoods Floor Visualiser tool to visualise any Havwoods flooring product in your own home office.

You can also request a free flooring sample online or contact our friendly team today. 


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