What Colour Wood Is Best For A Bedroom Floor?

11 Feb 2020

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house in feng shui philosophy. It's a personal space, where we spend our time predominantly in a passive state while sleeping. The idea is that while asleep, we are affected by the energies of everything in the room, including the colour of your wood floor. 

Whether Feng Shui is one of your interests or not, in terms of design, the colour of the wood you choose will impact how you feel in and interact with the space. So if you're stuck trying to decide between brown or white wood, light or dark shades or you haven't even decided on wood at all, here's how you can narrow your choices and get your project moving. 

Which colour wood makes best use of the room size?

The colour wood you choose will have an effect on whether the bedroom feels big or small.

If your bedroom is large, wide or has a high ceiling, you may opt for darker shades of timber to create a warm and cosy feeling. Lighter shades of wood, such as white or beige will make the bedroom seem larger, brightening and opening up the space.

What mood do you want to create?

Every colour will create a different mood in your bedroom, and will affect how you interact with the space. 

Light shades of wood will typically encourage optimism and relaxation. Brown and earthy shades will affect a rustic and traditional atmosphere. Grey wood is best suited if you want the room to feel cool and modern. Darker shades, such as black timber, are your go to when you want the bedroom to feel luxurious. 

Do you want your wood floor to absorb or reflect light?

This is very important, and you may like to consider the location of your home in relation to the sunrise and sunset when choosing the colour of your wood floor. 

If the room is open and is bathed in natural light, you might choose a darker shade of wood to absorb the excess glare. Alternatively, you might also like to choose a light shade of wood to reflect the light and open up the room.

For homeowners who want natural lighting to be a bedroom highlight, white or beige wood is the best option. If you'd like to close the space and create a more intimate setting through lighting, dark wood will achieve your desired effect.

Which colour wood best matches your bedroom furniture and decor?

Homeowners who already have a bedroom suite, or are planning to buy a new one may want to choose their furniture before committing to a new floor, or vice versa. 

From a design perspective, matching a dark wood floor with furniture of the same shade may make the room appear too dark. A more aesthetically pleasing combination might be achieved by contrasting the colour of your furniture with the kind of wood you choose for your bedroom floor. 

There's no right or wrong choice

There really is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing which wood colour you'd like for a new bedroom floor. It comes down to how you'd like to feel in the room, the experience and advice of any professionals assisting you with your design, and your own personal taste. We recommend researching your shortlist thoroughly, and ordering samples to compare with your furniture and wall colours. 

To learn more, browse the colours in our product range here. You can also request a free sample of any Havwoods product you feel may work with your bedroom design, or visit a Havwoods showroom in Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne today.